EnfuseGUI 3

Create images with high dynamic range by blending images with different exposures

Includes 30 day FREE trial

macOS High Sierra or later
Windows 10 (Under development. ETA Fall 2021)

Avoid blown-out highlights in an interior by using one set of exposures for the room itself, and another set for the windows.

EnfuseGUI can blend these images together and create a final image where everything is properly exposed.

EnfuseGUI can also be used for other purposes, like night photography and focus stacking.

(EnfuseGUI supports TIFF and JPEG files as input)

  • Only GUI on the market that exposes all options of the Enfuse engine
  • Supports Align Image Stack for aligning hand-held shots
  • Batch processing
  • Multi-processor support
  • Fast previews
  • Transfers EXIF data to final image
  • Improved Drag-and-Drop interface

Available under two subscription plans

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(Per Seat*)

30 day FREE trial available
(No credit card required)



(per seat*)

25% cheaper compared to a Monthly plan

Subscriptions are purchased from within the app

(*) With each subscription, you receive 1 license key that can be used to activate EnfuseGUI on multiple computers. The quantity entered before checkout specifies how many times the license can be activated (**).

(**) Special case: A quantity of 1 (single-seat license) will allow you to activate the license key on two computers.