Help reduce the negative impact sitting has on your health

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Intermission was created to help reduce the negative impact sitting has on your health and concentration.
“Sitting is the new smoking”. That’s what’s being said about our sedentary lifestyle in front of our computers whether it’s at work or at home. It’s recommended to sit for no longer than 20 minutes. After that we should stand up and stretch. It sounds easy to do, but it’s remarkably difficult to keep doing in the long run even for the most diligent among us.
This is where Intermission will help!
Intermission will remind you to stand up and take a small break at regular intervals. During the break a friendly reminder will present itself over the entire workspace which more or less forces you to take that break. Doing so will also increase your productivity and concentration since your brain also benefits from these breaks.

The default settings will remind you to stand up every 20 minutes, and take a 30 second break. It’s as simple as that! It’s something everybody can do no matter how busy or where they are. The break interval and durations are fully customizable allowing you to set timings that are the most convenient for you.
As with everything new it may be difficult to start this new habit, but Intermission will be there in the background helping you to achieve your goals. 

So why not give Intermission a try?
Your body will thank you later.

Video Source: CNN